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American Islamic Congress (AIC) is offering a new, on-campus internship to Project Nur students, including chapter leaders and members. The primary responsibility of this intern is to serve as a liaison between your respective Project Nur chapter and the Project Nur headquarters. As a National Campus Leaders Intern, you will serve as the face of Project Nur for your campus, and empower students at your school and your Project Nur chapter to cultivate an environment of mutual respect, responsibility and social justice.

NCL Interns will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Serve as the primary source of communication between the Program Coordinator and respective PN chapter.
  2. Submit bi-monthly updates to Program Coordinator on status of your chapter. Reporting includes:
    • Comprehensive briefs regarding chapter events, including the number of attendees, event summary, photos and event social media pages.
    • Requests for funding for future chapter events and activities.
    • Submissions of rosters and forms for Project Nur Regional and National conferences, webinars, and other Project Nur national events.
    • General meetings summaries, including relevant points of discussion pertaining to Project Nur national campaigns.
    • Other deliverables as requested by Program Coordinator.
  3. Conduct outreach efforts on behalf of the Program Coordinator to develop your PN chapter. Outreach efforts include:
    • Recruiting interested students to join your PN chapter via word-of-mouth, email, and phone. Tabling is a must.
    • Identifying professors and student organization where you or the Program Coordinator could present to students to sign up individuals interested in Project Nur.
    • Reporting outreach outcomes on a monthly basis to the Program Coordinator.
  4. Assist the Program Coordinator in planning and directing the Project Nur Regional Conferences. Tasks include:
    • Marketing for conferences on social media.
    • Identifying potential speakers.
    • Planning points of discussion.
  5. Provide support for all other assigned tasks, as requested by the Program Coordinator.

NCL Interns will have the following qualifications:

  1. Long-term commitment to developing and managing a Project Nur chapter on one’s campus (minimum six months).
  2. Charismatic, outgoing, and motivated personality with a sense of humor!
  3. Likes to take initiative, and is creative and dynamic.
  4. Excellent networking, communication, and writing skills.
  5. Ability to work well and coordinate with others.
  6. Good organizational skills, ability to multi-task and meet deadlines.
  7. Adobe Photoshop; Microsoft Word and Excel; Microsoft Publisher preferred.
  8. Prior leadership and programming experience preferable
  9. Background in human rights, civil rights, social justice preferable