MANARA Campaign

The MANARA Campaign (MANARA), launched by Project Nur following the 2016 Presidential Elections in response to a politically, culturally, and socially evolving nation, is a call to action in light of new challenges and opportunities that present themselves under new American leadership. MANARA, meaning “lighthouse” in Arabic, aims to be a beacon of light amidst sentiments of fear, division and disenchantment. In its place, MANARA calls for progressive advocacy, pluralism, and justice.

Our Framework: Activism and advocacy are effective channels through which to address rising challenges and an evolving political environment. The MANARA Campaign supports such efforts while providing a clear framework for action and results. America is a mosaic of peoples from different backgrounds who should all be included in our civil society and political process. Each of us deserves to be proud of our race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, and heritage while respecting one another as equal citizens and residents of the United States. The MANARA Campaign encourages diverse, pluralistic Americans to secure political, economic and social justice for one another by advocating for the visibility and dignity of those most affected by the changes of our nation, and ensuring their place and active participation in an evolving United States.



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